Date:2014-10-15 19:44

Application: Automobile, Engineering Machinery, Lathe, Agriculture, Machine, Mining, Spurting the Oil Paint, Metallurgy petroleum, Construction, Chemicals, Textile, Ships, Ocean, Military, Recreation, Electronics and so forth.


Note: Special dimension and other standard hose fittings are available under customer's requirements.
1. Good color and luster. All the fittings are cleaned. The burr and the impurities must be avoid.

2. High precision. All edges without burrs, brake sharp edges.

3. Competitive price.

4. We can design whatever you require if you have the drawings.

5. Material: Carbon steel

6. Standard / specification: As per drawing and samples (OEM)

7. Size: As per customers' requests

8. Surface Treatment: Zinc plated, nickel plated, chrome plated, hot-DIP galvanized Or others


Product Description


  (Showingthe workshop and introduceproduction line of hydraulic fittings )


Cutting Material( carbon steel bar ,high work pressure)- Rough turning-Finish turning by CNC machines ( small hole and Big hole) – Finish turning for thread (All are made by import the forming knife that the thread will be free of burr) - burring - inspection quality - Zinc Plated- inspection quality again-Packing