Standard Charted Bank replace CEO news to weigh on share pri
Date:2015-02-02 13:27

Hong Kong-listed shares of Standard Chartered, the emerging markets focused bank, fell as much as 2.8 per cent to HK$108.10 in mid-morning trading.

The decline followed reports that StanChart is looking to replace chief executive Peter Sands this year, after calls from some of the bank's largest shareholders to accelerate its succession planning.

As the FT's Martin Arnold reported, Mr Sands, one of the longest serving chief executives at any large global bank, has been blamed by Singapore's Temasek and the UK's Aberdeen Asset Management, which together own almost 30 per cent of the bank, for not responding fast enough to a reversal of StanChart's fortunes.

StanChart came through the financial crisis in decent shape but issued three profits warnings last year, hit by a slowdown in emerging markets and rising impairments because of its high exposure to commodities and to some heavily indebted borrowers.

受“换帅”报道影响,在香港上市的渣打银行(Standard Chartered)股价周一早盘一度下跌2.8%至108.10港元。
此前有报道称,由于一些最大股东要求渣打银行加速接班计划,这家专注新兴市场的银行正考虑在今年替换首席执行官冼博德(Peter Sands)。


英国《金融时报》此前报道,共持有渣打近30%股份的新加坡淡马锡(Temasek)和英国安本资产管理(Aberdeen Asset Management)指责冼博德未能采取足够迅速的应对措施来逆转渣打命运。冼博德是全球大型跨国银行中在职时间最长的CEO之一。